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Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2018 Young Cartoonist of the Year competition. The winners and runners up have now been announced as follows:

Runners up in the Under 30s category:

  • Lucy Leatherland
  • Rosie O’Driscoll
  • Erica Zhanf
  • Edith Pritchett

Runners up in the Under 18s category:

  • Orlando Treville
  • Jasmine Starr
  • Joby Dacnes
  • Holly Chadwick
  • Benjamin Sobel
  • Tancredi Harvey Allchurch
  • Edward Martineau
  • Laura McGovern
  • Avishai Stimler

Overall Winners

Under 30s winner: Matthew Dixon

Under 18s winner: Laura Ross-Stuttard

Winner of the Woodcock Prize: Hugh Kay 11

The Young Cartoonist of the Year competition is in its 23rd year and attracts thousands of entries, giving budding cartoonists the chance to have their work judged by the best in the business. The panel has cartoonists from nearly all UK national newspapers and includes Daily Mail’s Mac, The Guardian’s Steve Bell, Private Eye’s Nick Newman and Kathryn Lamb, The Daily Telegraph’s Matt, Oliver Preston, chairman of the Cartoon Museum, and Martin Rowson, chairman of the British Cartoonists’ Association.

Martin Rowson said ‘If you can make us grumpy old lot laugh, you’re in with a chance of winning. I always have a joke with the winners that the real reason we have the competition is so we can isolate the good ones, break their fingers and make sure they’re not a threat to us.’