British cartoon & comic art from the 18th century to the present day

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All hands have been on deck to create what we think is an exciting visition for the new Cartoon Museum. Before we closed to the public, we asked our visitors and supporters what you all would like to see from the new Museum, and we have tried to incorporate as many of these ideas, ranging from more digital experiences to regular late night opening, in the plans as possible.

The total project cost to achieve our ambitions is £1,350,000. In just 6 months, we have raised over £1m, leaving us with a remaining target of £320,000. To help us reach this target, we are asking our supporters to consider sponsoring hte project in a choice of ways, shown in the table below. If you would like to support, follow the links in the table to our shop website where you will be able to leave a donation.


Sponsorship Rewards!

£50 - Cartoon Museum Tote & Goody Bag

£250 - Framed print from the collection + Tote & Goody Bag

£1,000 - Patron status with all benefits + Framed print from the collection + Tote & Goody Bag

£2,500 - Patron status with all benefits + Framed print from the collection + One-to-one Private Tour of Gallery and Masterclass with Regarded Cartoonist

£5,000 - Patron status with all benefits + Mention on donors board + Framed print from the collection + Private party for you and 20 guests with cartoon-themed entertainment


Sponsorship opportunity Your contribution will allow us to: Sponsorship value
A picture on display in new Main gallery Conserve, research, mount, frame and display a picture that will be included in the Main exhibition gallery. £50
Learning materials Purchase essential schools and young people's learning activity materials including paper, colouring pencils, plasticine and new computers for our animation workshops. £50
Cartoon stairwell salon gallery - sponsor a picture Design and create a stairwell salon gallery that leads visitors to the museum. £250
Storage lockers Provide essential storage for visitors' coats and bags, improving the public's experience of the museum £250
Filmed interviews with artists Film living cartoonists and comics artists within their studios - these films will be shown in the new permanent gallery. £1,000
Learning tables Purchase the furniture needed for the learning centre. £1,000
Human/Animal feet shop pods Create unique design features within our new destination shop. £2,500
Cartooning activity area Include an activity area within the permanent exhibition space where people can try their hands at the art of cartooning. £2,500
Cartoon history frieze Create The Cartoon History Frieze featuring history’s key cartoon characters. This will feature in the learning space and be a key learning resource for schools and children's activities. £5,000
Cartoon Museum neon sign Create a Cartoon Museum neon sign, attracting visitors in from the street. £5,000
Kitchen / special event equipment Create a kitchen that supports organisational growth. With the correct equipment, we can offer groups a better deal in terms of private hire and events. £5,000
Office equipment Create a new efficient office space for staff and volunteers including all the essential equipment - computers, printers, scanners. £5,000
Moveable exhibition walls Create moveable walls that will allow us to change the format of the special exhibition space, and create space for unique and new Cartoon Museum events. £5,000
Hello welcome desk Create a big and friendly welcome through our reception desk. £10,000
Entrance Wham Smash Create an entrance with an impact. People will know they have arrived at the Cartoon Museum! £10,000
Environmentally controlled exhibition case Install an exhibition case that is environmentally controlled allowing us to take loans from national and international museums. £10,000
Publically visible storage Purchase visible storage cases which will allow us to show more artwork within the permanent and special exhibition spaces, providing greater value for our visitors. £10,000