British cartoon & comic art from the 18th century to the present day

MK Sml
If you missed the day when Moose Kid Comics took over the Cartoon Museum, do not worry! The artwork is still on display at the Museum. 
A new children’s comic was launched in June 2014 – Moose Kid Comics. Comic artist Jamie Smart – who used to create work for The Dandy and who currently draws for The Phoenix – came up with the idea for the comic after the The Dandy went out of print in 2012.
“If felt like a real sign of the times that kids comics, especially in the UK, were dying out, and perhaps it was up to the artists to initiate the change we needed.”
Jamie pulled together over 40 artists to create a comic to make children laugh. The comic is filled with make-believe advertisements and full colour stories about super grannies, angry badgers, farting cats and terrifying underwater creatures – something for everyone.
Some of these images are currently displayed at the Cartoon Museum. And there are still a few copies left of the comic, available to buy from the Cartoon Museum Shop.