Heroes & Villains

27 July - 30 October 2016

An exhibition of art depicting real life, the cartoon and comic world that highlights those we love and those we love to hate. Featuring political cartoons, cartoon and comic strips, and caricatures, including some selected by celebrities and members of the public.  

A Taste of Honeysett: The Acerbic Wit of Martin Honeysett

20 January - 16 April 2016

The exhibition marked the first anniversary of the death of the great gag cartoonist Martin Honeysett who died in January 2015. Honeysett is regarded as one of the sharpest and funniest British cartoonists of the last 50 years. The exhibition included examples of his work fromPrivate Eye, The Oldie and other publications.

The exhibition was accompanied by a 144pp catalogue with contributions by Ian Hislop and Richard Ingrams. To purchase, go to: www.cartoonmuseumshop.org/a-taste-of-honeysett-catalogue.ir

Gillray's Ghost: James Gillray and his influence on political cartoons

04 November 2015 - 17 January 2016

An exhibition of caricatures of James Gillray and cartoonists inspired by him to mark the 200th anniversary of his death.

On 1 June 1815, the caricaturist James Gillray died above a print shop in St James’s Street. Despite having created nearly a thousand prints about the foremost events and figures of his times, his death passed almost without notice.

Two hundred years after his death, James Gillray is once more revered as the father of political cartooning. Gillray’s Ghost shows almost seventy works, including a selection of some of Gillray’s most influential prints alongside Gillray-inspired works by, amongst others, Leslie Illingworth, ‘Vicky’ (Victor Weisz), Nicholas Garland, Peter Brookes, Steve Bell, Peter Schrank, Dave Brown, Martin Rowson, Chris Duggan, and Morten Morland.

This exhibition displayed the brilliance of Gillray's imagination and the incisiveness of his wit, qualities that have made him the ‘Old Master’ of today’s leading satirical artists.

Alice in Cartoonland

alice banner

15 July - 01 November 2015

Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat were introduced to the world by Lewis Carroll in 1865 in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A sequel, Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found introduced more memorable characters including the Jabberwock, Humpty Dumpty, the Walrus and the Carpenter and the Kings, Queens and Knights of the chessboard.
For 150 years the curious creatures from Carroll’s topsy-turvy world have been part of popular culture the world over, not just in books, plays and films, toys, games and millions of products from food to clothing but also in – cartoons!
This is hardly surprising since when Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was seeking an illustrator for Alice he chose John Tenniel, the leading cartoonist of his day, whose caricatures of Victorian politicians and celebrities appeared every week in the pages the humorous magazine, Punch.
The Alice books are a true collaboration between Dodgson’s extraordinary imagination and Tenniel’s graphic wit: for example, the Hatter’s iconic top hat with it’s pre-decimal price label (‘In this Style, 10/6’) was just one of Tenniel’s many embellishments to Dodgson’s text.
The stories were an instant success as were the illustrations and within a very short time people were using the characters and their quotable lines to make satirical comment on current affairs. Even John Tenniel created a topical cartoon for Punch based on his own illustration of Alice’s encounter with the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle.
Alice in Cartoonland celebrates Alice’s many misadventures at the hands of cartoonists, caricaturists and satirists, animators and graphic artists through 150 years of parodies and pastiches, jibes, jokes and gags aimed at making political points, social comment or just intended to make us laugh.
Artists represented range from Low, Vicky, Shepard and Illingworth to via Searle and ffolkes to Scarfe, Steadman and Rowson. There are Alice posters by Gilroy advertising Guinness, cartoon strips featuring Flook and Snoopy, pages from comics and graphic novels and original animation art from film and TV versions of Alice.